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I’m excited to announce my new book, “Toxic Soul: A Pastors Guide to Leading Without Losing Heart” will be released on July 11.

Written with my brother Jason Isaacs, “Toxic Soul” is a book for pastors and church leaders. We’ve spent our life around pastors. As fourth generation pastor’s kids, it’s not a stretch to say we’ve probably met close to 10,000 pastors in our lifetime, and sadly many of us serving in ministry are jaded and disheartened. We are angry, lonely, depressed, discouraged, bitter, confused, cynical and hopeless. We lost the joy of our salvation somewhere in the process of working for God.

That’s why we’ve written this book, to help find healing for your toxic soul; to recover your passion for ministry and overcome discouragement and defeat. The book also includes insights and stories from some our friends and mentors, including Matt Keller, Sam Chand, Dave Willis, and more.

Here’s where you come in.

New books are written every day, the challenge is spreading the word. We believe “Toxic Soul” will help every pastor and church leader who reads it, and our desire is to get a copy into as many of their hands as possible. That’s why we’re assembling a launch team to help us get the word out.

As a member of the launch team you will receive a free digital or paperback copy of the book, but in return, we are asking you to help us promote the book and write a review on Amazon before the release date. If you are interested in joining the launch team please click the link and fill out the short form.

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I Have a Book for You

I don’t know if you know this or not, but I wrote a book.



As I was driving into work today I got a text from a friend with this picture from the book letting me know they appreciated the thoughts I shared. It was a reminder of the incredible journey God has me on and how He has used it to help others.

book excerpt

The book is written as a Leadership Fable based on the life of David from Scripture, with the first part of the book being a fictional baseball story and the 2nd part of the book unpacking the timeless truths for each of our lives. I believe the principles can help everyone. Here’s what is written on the back cover:

We’ve bought into The Lie! It’s a lie that has been around longer than Christianity has existed. It is the idea that God requires talent, intellect, looks, charm, skillful communication ability and the like before He will choose us for service. So we disqualify ourselves on a criteria that doesn’t exist. Others believe the press clippings and agree to be considered because of their good merits. David had these choices. He could have allowed himself to be defined by his greatest achievement with Goliath or his worst mistake with Bathsheba. Instead his life is more clearly defined by the sum total of his ordinary days. So it is with you and me! We just want a chance. We are people who strive for pinnacle moments and avoid pitfall moments to stay worthy enough to be used. We are people wanting a chance to do something great but not knowing how to find greatness in all of the ordinary… In Jeremy Isaacs’ first book he challenges these ideas and encourages us to find our own greatness in the ordinary.

The life of David is often characterized by his highest high and his lowest low. The day he killed Goliath and the series of events surrounding his adulterous affair with Bathsheba. However, just like you and I, David’s life is far greater than 2 isolated instances. We learn so much about him from the other days of his life. My hope is that as you read the book you will be encouraged to reevaluate your life and to reconsider how you judge others.

I remember sitting in a coffee shop near my house early in the mornings and late in the evenings writing the words that now fill the pages and asking God to place this book into the hands of those who needed to hear this message.

To continue getting the book into more hands I’m running a sale this week. You can purchase directly through me for $10 plus shipping by filling out the form below. If you buy 2 books we’ll throw in a 3rd for free for you to give to a friend. You will get an email link to complete the transaction and make payment.

Thanks for taking the time to read the post, and I hope that you’ll consider ordering the book. I believe it will help you jump some hurdles you’ve continued to get tripped on for a while.